Favorite Cooking Links

Since our family loves to cook I'm always surfing for sites that offer a variety of recipes. Below are just a few of the sites that I have found, and I recommend!

If you are looking for recipes, crafts and anything fun just for your child, this is definately a site to
check out:


Resturants, coupons and recipes can be found here! Just click on the banner.
Visit HungryMonster.com

For a comprehensive database of U.S. culinary schools where users can search for everything from culinary arts to restaurant management by location, degree type or specialty.

All Culinary Schools

For a nice "family" friendly site with some great recipes (and recipes for your children to make), I recommend you try out this site:

Starchaser's Home Page

Perhaps my personal favorite is a site where I've tried several of their recipes (and our family continues to enjoy them), why not get a few recipes from:

Copykat Recipes

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