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Naples Shrimp Note* This is an appetizer but can be made into a meal....
10 medium or large shrimp-cooked, cooled, peeled.
5 large scallops, cut in 1/2 to make 10
5 slices of raw bacon, cut in 1/2 to make 10 pieces
1 cup light breading - I use pre-made fish breading, any brand
Vegetable oil in skillet or use deep fryer, need enough oil to cover bottom of skillet,
about 1 inch, or if you have a deep fryer, use as directed.
In a skillet or deep fryer add oil, (skillet 1 inch- fryer, per directions of manufactuer), heat oil on medium.
Take 1 shrimp, 1 scallop (which was cut in 1/2), and piece of bacon. Place scallop on curve of shrimp,
wrap the 1/2 slice of bacon around shrimp and scallop to secure. Toothpick can be used but not necessary.
Repeat with remaining shrimp, scallop and bacon.
Dip the shrimp/bacon/scallop into the breading, place in deep fryer per directions of package/fryer, and cook
for about 5 minutes, or until lightly browned. Serve with shrimp sauce.
My husband and I tasted this delightful recipe while vacationing in Naples Florida, I'd love to hear feedback
if you tried this recipe.

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