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Rob's ALL-DAY Spagetti Sauce
Ingredients :

1 jar prepared spagetti sauce (any brand)
1 small package spare ribs, cut up
1 package or 2 links, italian sausage, (sweet is best, but spicy and hot can be used, to your liking)
1 clove fresh garlic
Italian seasoning, to taste
1 can each, whole tomatoes, tomatoe paste, tomatoe sauce
Fresh mushrooms, sliced

Directions :
In frying pan, brown (lightly), cut up pieces of the sausage, place into crockpot or large cooking pot.
Cut spareribs and brown in frying pan, put in the pot. Over low/medium heat add the spagetti sauce, simmer, stirring occassionaly every hour for 2 hours.
Add clove of garlic, teaspoon of italian seasoning, stir. During stirring and simmering process you should pull meat off ribs, when really tender the meat will fall off (about 3 hours).
Add 1 can whole tomoatoes, 1 can tomatoe sauce, stir in and simmer. Now, you are continually simmering the sauce and pulling the meat off the rib bones, you can add to this either 2 pats of butter or 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil.
Keep stirring and simmering, remember this recipe is "all day". When rib meat begins to tenderize add in your cleaned and chopped mushrooms (fresh work best and TASTE best). At this time you can determine if your sauce is too thin. If it's runny, add 1 can of tomatoe paste, if thick, don't bother!
Keep cooking, the longer the better! Add more seasonsings to taste and keep the sauce simmering, stirring occassionaly.
Let the sauce simmer in the pot for most of the day. When you are ready to eat put over any type of pasta and serve!

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